Secure Your Cameras from Hackers

Internet-Based security cameras. also known as IP cameras, are great tools used by many home owners to check if the pets are okay or if an elderly parent needs help. However in the light of recent events, such as the Russian web site that hacked over 70,000 CCTV cameras worldwide, you have to wonder if you’re the only one watching your kids.

So how do you protect yourself against intruders? Here are a few steps you can take:

  • Change the default username and password. It’s simple and only takes a few minutes. Unfortunately, many people never change their login information.
  • Enable firewall in your router/modem.
  • Avoid wireless / WiFi video transmission and go the wired route if possible.
  • Avoid putting cameras in sensitive areas like your bathroom or bedroom.
  • Encrypt the video stream. Encryption may be too complicated for the average home user, but is strongly recommended for businesses.

So in a nutshell, webcam technology is a great and cost effective tool when installed and configured properly, but use with caution.

What are Layered Video Security Systems?

If you’ve spent any amount of time researching surveillance systems for your business, you’ve probably come across the term Layered Video Security System or 360° Surveillance Solution. These terms refer to multiple specialized security measures working in concert with one another to provide a level of comprehensive protection that could not be achieved if they stood on their own.

The intent behind these types of security systems is to have multiple layers of security in order to deter potential thieves and unauthorized personnel from gaining access to your building earlier, but to also implement multiple “choke-points”, both literal and figurative, to help your security teams identify and defuse potential threats before they become a problem.


Marathon Bolsters Security Cameras Before the Big Day

Marathons draw tens of thousands of runners, spectators, and event staff to the host city every year for a fun, safe race to the finish line. However, having this many people packed together in the heart of the city presents local Police with a logistical nightmare in patrolling the crowds, spotting potential threats, and responding to incidents before they get out of control. The horror the nation witnessed during the Boston Marathon Bombing of 2013 made it even more important for marathon security teams to have maximum visibility throughout the crowds for the safety of everyone in attendance.


What is Video Management Software?

Video Management Software, or VMS, provides the platform for video monitoring, analysis, recording, and operation of your IP video security system. VMS software can come pre-installed on your network video recorder (NVR), bundled with network IP cameras from specific brands, or as an open platform software solution that’s purchased in addition to your hardware and installed / configured by an integrator. Which one you use depends solely upon the size and complexity of your surveillance system as well as the versatility needed to manage your day-to-day security operations.


Security Risks Facing the Legal and Medical Marijuana Dispensary Industry

Whether or not you agree with it, the legalization of marijuana in America is starting to gather steam. Medical marijuana has been legal for some time in 23 states and recent legislation has seen its complete legalization in Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Washington D.C., and Alaska with nearly another dozen more states de-criminalizing the possession of the drug. Marijuana dispensaries have opened up across these regions and cater to customers for both recreational and medical purposes.


Rikers Island Installs 7,800 New Security CCTV Cameras

The New York City Department of Correction plans to add 7,800 new surveillance cameras at Rikers Island as part of the reforms that were announced Tuesday. The Rikers Island facility has been criticized about the prison’s conditions and urged to reform their security measures, specifically on the harsh treatment of teenage prisoners by a small group of dangerous inmates who are responsible for majority of the violence in the prison. These additional security cameras will be installed in the next 18 months which will triple the number of existing CCTV cameras in the facility.

The goal is to reduce the use of punitive segregation through enhanced supervision. Alongside the addition of surveillance cameras throughout the prison, Rikers Island is expanding their facility to include a new housing unit for these dangerous inmates. This new block will have a higher staff to inmate ratio, law and religious library, and 7 hours of mandatory out of cell time. These changes have been commended by Mayor Bill de Blasio for improving the standards of the prison and moving quickly on the reforms.

Retail Stores Ramp up Security for the Holiday Season

Small locally owned stores and national retailers are ramping up security at their brick and mortar storefronts to reduce shoplifting this holiday season. The holiday rush brings an influx of shoppers looking to pick up a gift for a loved one or take advantage of a holiday sale, but the flood of humanity also makes retailers a ripe target for thieves and shoplifters that take advantage of the busy shopping season.


Top 4 Physical Security Risks to Your Business

Owning your own business is a huge accomplishment where you invest in your own future, but it also presents you with new security risks you may have not dealt with in the past. Overlooking these threats can leave your investment vulnerable to crime and bring your business to its knees.


Top 5 Crimes Affecting Businesses

People tend to overlook the fact that businesses can be victims of crime since it doesn’t happen to us personally. Whether it’s theft, burglary, vandalism, or fraud, the threat of these crimes is very real and can happen to any business on any given day. The FBI estimated that organized retail theft accounted for $30 billion lost in 2010 which means that there is $82.2 million stolen or lost every single day and there’s no end in sight.


Employee Theft Statistics for Small Businesses Infographic

We talk about retail shrink and theft a lot in the surveillance industry, but today we want to specifically discuss employee theft in relation to small businesses.

Recently, a University of Cincinnati researcher’s employee theft study was presented at the annual meeting of the Academy of Criminal Justic Sciences in Philadelphia.

The study surveyed 344 small businesses, asking questions that included whether the business had experienced employee theft, whether they had reported it, what was stolen, who stole it, and more. READ MORE