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CCTV Equipment Placement

Many people always ask where they should place certain items when installing their own system in a home or business. So we will start with the DVR and work our way out to the cameras. The DVR is the brain it needs to be somewhere where it can be protected and secure from any damages and or theft. I always typically landed the DVR in a desk or closet, somewhere out of sight, out of mind. If theft is a big issue I would highly suggest the use of a lock box for the DVR. Go to Home Depot purchase some Concrete Anchors, bolt the lock box to a floor, this will make it very difficult and time consuming for any thief to steal or damage your DVR. I would always have a monitor with the DVR, it makes it easy to service. Place the power supply nearby so if issues come up with blown fuses or bad outputs they can be checked easily. Cameras are completely up to user as far as placement. I like to see cameras used as perimeter protection in both businesses and homes. If you can cover the surroundings of the building, all doors and windows then you can assure yourself there are no blind spots.

Some people ask me about hidden or covert cameras, this is fine for interior use. I do not like them on the outside for protection the reason you would invest in a system is to protect your family, your home or business. My personal opinion as an installer for 10 years is I would rather let them know I have a surveillance system, let them see the cameras and know I can see them. I would rather them know and hopefully go pick another house or business than hide it and yes perhaps be able to catch them in act but risk them still damaging my business or home and family. Like I said if you want to watch the nanny or a cash register I thing covert is fine but not as you main defense.

2011 – An Exciting Year in Security

2011 is an exciting time in the Surveillance industry. We expect even more growth than the year before. Where we expect this growth is in the IP network solutions or IP cameras to be exact. As the market and technology move forward we are seeing a rise in demand for camera solutions to be viewed remotely and that have the ability to be put on a separate network.

One advantage of an IP camera is obviously the resolution. Higher resolution and picture qualities are more obtainable when using this technology. You are able to obtain multi megapixel images versus your traditional resolutions measured in Television Lines.

Another advantage is the ability to back up information multiple times. It is now becoming a standard that most IP cameras come with an SD card slot. This slot will allow the camera to record at the unit itself as well as at the server. We have found this feature to be a strong selling point and very desirable in terms of recording options.

The last advantage which I think is the most important is the ability to create a secure network and integrate with other technologies. IP camera solutions have the ability to work directly with access control systems and POS devices. Just to name a couple. Imagine being able to track a customer from the minute he enters a building till the time he checks out with the exact dollar amount of the transaction.

IP solutions are taking the market by storm and it is strongly recommended jumping on the bandwagon now instead of getting behind the technology and playing catch up. I estimate in the next ten years analog solutions will have vanished.

Consumer Confidence, An Essential Competitive Advantage

One thing that consumers seek when making a purchase is confidence in the company that they are buying from. This is especially true when one decides to purchase surveillance equipment. The costs of surveillance equipment have decreased over the past few years due to increased demands for it. Therefore, more and more purchases are being made by individuals for residential applications. Unfortunately, residential customers have very little knowledge of surveillance systems. The only thing that they know is that they need surveillance.

This is why it is important for a surveillance company to gain the consumer’s confidence. Acquiring the customer’s trust is essential in obtaining their business. The key to consumer confidence is product knowledge. Buying from someone who knows what they are talking about makes the consumer feel confident. This is vitally important when the customer is purchasing something that they have very little knowledge about.

Having the most updated information concerning surveillance equipment is a major competitive advantage. The more that a sales person knows about their product, the more selling points they have to use in order to win more sales. Customers want to buy from people who can make the absolute best recommendations for what they need. The customer wants to feel like the salesperson is genuinely concerned about meeting their surveillance needs and not just trying to make a sale.

Surveillance companies need to not only know their products, but what their customers want out of a product. Knowing what customers want, or what they will want in the future will help determine exactly what products to offer them. Having the right product line can not only meet customer needs, but create new ones as well.