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Security Camera and Access Control System Integration

Controlling access to business facilities and private property is often a requirement in today’s world, even more so than in the past.

Application varies, of course, but you might see anything from keypads to biometric scanners on doors, gates, or other entry and access points throughout a facility. These systems are in place to protect company assets and employees from both internal and external threats. READ MORE

Let’s Talk Frame Rate (FPS) Settings

When we talk FPS (Frames Per Second) or IPS (Images Per Second), it is really rather simple…the more frames you have available the more fluid your video feeds. This is a good thing, right? Yes, it can be, but there are pros and cons to everything. If you have an unlimited budget, that’s great! Crank it up to 11! For those of us on a tight budget, this can be the difference between great and mediocre coverage.

Regardless if we are going IP or analog security cameras, we can expect to pay a little more for the best frame rate. The more frames we get, the larger the video files will be, the more storage we will need, and that extra storage will cost additional dollars. What could have been a month’s storage can be cut down to a week if you aren’t careful.

On the flip side, the lower the frame rate, the more choppy the video. The top two frames in the above video show exactly what to expect with lower fps settings. Naturally, this is not ideal, but it dramatically increases the amount of storage space on your hard drives. Depending on the application, having a camera set to 5-10 FPS is not only completely acceptable, but encouraged. If a camera is at the end of a long hallway, monitoring a wide open space, or watching a low traffic area, recording at 30 fps is not only overkill, it’s wasting money every second it’s recording.

One quick tip, the difference visually between 30fps & 15 fps is absolutely minimal. If you put them side by side, you’d hardly be able to tell the difference. Recording at 15fps gives you fluid video at HALF the storage space! This will dramatically improve the amount of video in your archives.

Each setting is different and finding a happy median that works best for each camera is the goal. Your license plate recognition cameras, cashier stations, and entry ways need to be recorded at max frame rate and you can sacrifice fps in those other areas mentioned above. If you have any other questions, feel free to call me at 800-424-9070 and I’ll be more than happy to help!

UFO + Growing CCTV Market = Disclosure?

One topic of discussion in the UFO community revolves around the possible imminent disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence to the world. The news is full of examples: the Vatican announces how extraterrestrial life will have no effect upon the faith, prominent politicians make cryptic remarks involving extraterrestrial life, “secret” government files involving UFOs are becoming more prolific, and educated people are becoming more open to the possibility that ET life is visiting this planet.
With the expansion and explosion of information gathering devices such as cell phone cameras, portable digital cameras, and CCTV systems, the common citizen not only has easy access into information on the subject, but also has the capacity to add to the already burgeoning amount of evidence supporting the presence of extraterrestrial visitation.

russian comet and ufo footage

Russian Comet and UFO Surveillance Footage (via

Despite the government’s churlishness and refusal to share publicly their work on extraterrestrial matters, public dissemination concerning ET matters is occurring nevertheless. Britian’s Ministry of Defense has already come out and made remarks on what they have kept secret for years, and everyone is waiting on the U.S. government to also make such a statement, but that is not likely to happen in the near future. But the truth will be harder to hide as more and more public and private camera systems become part of the landscape.