Neighboorhood Watch Meets CCTV

All over the US, Neighborhood Watch groups are looking to the CCTV industry to assist in keeping their neighborhoods safer. When it comes to calling the police about mischievous acts against your pink yard flamingos or the grand theft auto of your 7 Series BMW, you’ll need the help of a quality surveillance system if you don’t want to be stuck in the mud like your flamingos. Police departments can’t do anything about petty crimes, like yard gnome napping, without evidence.

A surveillance system can do so much more for you than just keep your yard art in place. A security system can monitor your home while you’re on vacation, protect belongings like cars or bikes, and more importantly keep your family safe. These are all good reasons to have a surveillance system like this throughout your neighborhood. Many communities use their clubhouse or a watch member’s home to store video footage, while placing network cameras on houses throughout the neighborhood.

If you are in a private community with a gated entrance you can easily store all the data at the gatehouse. The cameras can also watch different vehicles as they come through the gates and capture important information like license plate numbers, which may prove crucial in the event a crime is committed in your neighborhood. With communities growing larger than ever, a surveillance system may be just the solution your Neighborhood Watch group needs.

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  1. On August 01, 2010 Jeff W. says:

    Good article. I know the crime went down in our neighborhood when more people started putting in camera systems and yard signs that indicated they had them.

  2. On August 01, 2010 Tony says:

    I agree as well, its the best fight against crime in a neighborhood, aside from armed law enforcement.

  3. On August 07, 2010 Anthony says:

    As an installer, I can tell you that neighborhood groups such as HOA, are looking more and more into networking surveillance. As mentioned in your article, you’re able to place the cameras strategically throughout the neighborhood and give each participating resident access to monitor their neighborhood.

  4. On August 09, 2010 Jimmy says:

    I wish my neighborhood would get some kind of surveillance some stole my work tools out of the back of my work truck one night when it was locked.

  5. On December 15, 2010 Anthony Fost says:

    This article is a good indicator of how the roles of technology are replacing the roles of actual people. Video Surveillance allows people to take care of more important tasks instead of having to worry about mundane tasks.

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